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M&W Algae

M&W™ Algae System from DeU Skin Program Italia “From the sea, the excellence of algae; luxury at the affordable price”
The M&W™ Algae System takes advantage of all the natural resources and marine active ingredients from algae and seawater but in harmony with pure plant extracts and essential oils.

For Men & Women, this is an exceptional quality filled product line for the face & body as well as for overall wellbeing, beauty and health. The packaging is simple but elegant and appealing with ingredients that are of extremely high quality with personality and character and unique value. The simplicity of this natural line is inviting.

Containing Algae Chondrus Crispus, Red Algae from the North Atlantic and available for 13 specific applications. Each M&W™ Algae System formulation contains pure ingredients with no parafens, preservatives, animal derivatives supplied in airless containers and no external packaging. No animal testing, just pure, natural and effective formulas.

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    1. DeU 24hr Facial Cream

      M&W™ 24hr Facial Cream

      A moisturizing and soothing cream with a powerful firming effect that lasts throughout the day. Learn More
    2. DeU Anti-Aging Face Cream

      M&W™ Anti-Aging Face Cream

      Excellent for rehydration after sunbathing or cold temperature swings in. Learn More
    3. DeU Face Mask

      M&W™ Face Mask

      This soothing and delicate facial mask deeply cleans the skin in a gentle and effective way, making your face look bright and fresh, with a smooth feel. Learn More
    4. DeU Gentle Facial Scrub Cleanser

      M&W™ Gentle Facial Scrub Cleanser

      Gentle facial scrub cleanser is suitable both for a general cleaning of the face and for skin with acne or unstressed. Learn More
    5. DeU Intensive Firming Cream

      M&W™ Intensive Firming Cream

      It has a moisturizing, soothing, firming and protective against external agents. Learn More
    6. DeU Intimate Wash

      M&W™ Intimate Wash

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      Intimate gentle cleanser thanks to the natural components that ensure proper protection of intimate areas. Learn More
    7. Skin Cleansing Shower Gel

      M&W™ Skin Cleansing Shower Gel

      Skin Cleansing Shower Gel with mild detergent action without affecting the deep hydro-lipid cement that keeps cohesive cells corneocitarie. Learn More

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